Best Trekking Agency In Nepal 2024

Jan 01, 2023

Best Trekking Agency In Nepal 2024

 How to choose Best Trekking company in Nepal 2024

Is conquering the Everest in our bucket list? Are you keen on conquering the highest peaks in the world? Is trekking your forte? Do you want to excel on being top of the world? 
If any of your answer is yes, then wonder land of mountains, Nepal is the perfect landing place you are looking for. Nepal being the land of highest peak Sagarmatha(Goddess of sky) will absolutely serve you as a perfect destination for satisfying your trekking thirst.

Nevertheless, Nepal is scenic country with glorifying natural beauty and heartwarming culture. We follow the culture of Atithi Devo Bhava which regards treating guest as a god. Further tourism over Nepal is getting better with the passing days. Many people involved in tourism industry are persistently working to make Nepal as most favourite destination of every traveller.

Nepal is bookmarked place of many people around the globe. When you decide to travel Nepal, it may be chaotic to choose among the best travel agency that fits your entire requirement and makes your travel experience memorable. So, in this blog let us have honour of giving tips for choosing the best trekking company over Nepal. Following are some.


What do you want to experience out of your travel?

First of all, you need to decide what kind of experience you want to collect during your travel. If you wish to experience trekking, then find out which part of the country you want to trek based of your health and fitness level as you may suffer from altitude sickness.

Shortlist reliable travel agency as per your opinion

Now, search for the travel agency that fulfills your requirement and favours your travel conditions. You can collect the information either by consulting your friends who had travelled Nepal before, by reading reviews and testimonials of previous clients from various platforms like Trip Advisor or by surfing various website through google.
Further, you need to check whether the travel company is properly registered and affiliated to the local government so that you may not have any legal issues throughout your travel period and further.

Communicate with the shortlisted company


You may communicate with the multiple shortlisted travel company in the form of email, through different social media like facebook, instagram, or viber/whatsapp them as per your flexibility. You may ask about any of your queries, ask for a customization as per your requirement, know about any of the offer that is served by the company, negotiate the price and many more.  

Compare the offers (Cost, Quality, Facilities, Safety protocols)

As you get response after communicating with the different travel agency, you may now compare between the costs, facilities, inclusions, safety protocols, offers and discounts.  It’s important be clear about the safety protocols, get informed whether the guide is well trained about first aids and either is good in handling the emergency situation if arouse. 

Enquire about your Guide

Also have the enquiry about the guide, his trekking qualification and experience. Find out his gesture towards the guest communicating with him in order to make your journey delightful.

Go for the best trekking company

the task of choosing your best travel agency after following above steps. It may be easier now after communicating and comparing between the shortlisted company. Go for the best one which favours your entire requirement and make your travel journey best one.

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